An Ode to the Hubberton Hikers by Johnny Lord

There's a hilltop retreat known as Hubberton

Which is noted for fresh air and fun.

Where Mr and Mrs Ennis,

went looking for a surrogate son.

Along came a lad called Andrew

and Vicar said "he'll do"

Brian had nowt to say, as per usual

and a deal were there to be done.

A grand little lad were our Andrew

all dressed in his spray way and boots.

He carried a map and a compass

with ideas to start a small group.

The hikers were born from an idea

that had festered with Andrew for many a year.

A group of like minded people,

many having nothing to fear

Regular hikes followed on, up hill and down dale,

some overseas but mostly Over here.

The Leader, our Andrew had bequeathed himself,

no ballot, no vote but after all It were his idea.

Now on one particular occasion,

probably on't one of them there 3 peaks,

our Andrew came to a decision

and the Hubberton hikers were in position.

Now years have gone on at a pace,

21 to date,

at an average of 10 hikes per year,

that's well over 200 hikes,

and in all weathers I may say.

Some stalwarts amongst us remain

and many are here today,

John, Debbie, Diane,

Kath, Michael and Julie

the Wakefords David and Leslie,

Vicar and Brian to name but a few.

Many not having missed a hike,

been there on every occasion,

Armed with butties a flask appen a biscuit,

prepared for any situation.

Over years we've had, hatches,

matches and sadly one or two dispatches,

collectively we saw the marriage of John and Debbie,

the timely arrival of their Son Edward.

we've lost some members along the way

but am sure they are here in spirit today.

So you see, this merry group amongst us,

bright faced, a tad weary but chipper all the same

Paying their dues annually

and enjoying a Christmas dinner,

not in December, not ruddy likely

much cheaper later on int year ..

Christmas cards sent out end of October

and for't following year.

You gather our Andrew is a one off,

with traits we all like to see,

a kind hearted old bugger is Andrew,

Wi best interest of all at heart

but being a rugged old Yorkshireman

it's definitely not for free.

So please put yer hands together

as we cheer int usual way,

cos if it weren't for our Andrew

we'd not be here today.

To the Hubberton hiker leader,

whose organised this particular soirée,

to celebrate us all being together

let's all say Hip hip hooray.