Kath the Bard

The Hubberton Hikers

The Hubberton Hikers, what a glorious group

All sorts of people make up our troupe

There's Andy, the lad, the leader he reckons

But he's off like a shot when his ‘other’ group beckons

We cannot thank him enough for the weekends away

He books the Lakes in September and a Youth Hostel in May

In these trips we delight as the walking is sublime

Followed by a meal and a quiz and some Jack Rabbit wine

Who can forget the bread and wine gate battle?

When Michael's homemade wine bottle's shamefully rattled

We've not been evicted just yet, but who knows what the future holds

As Nottingham with Robin Hood is the next destination we're told

The international holidays didn't start well with the pool's cold water

Drinking wine from pop bottles, and singing with Rene and Renata

Hiking and singing along Spanish Mountain tops

Mixing pasta and punch on a night that didn't stop

The places we have visited and mountains we have seen

From the Sierra Nevada through to the Ireland of Emerald Green

As we're getting older we need more luxury on our breaks

So this year in Slovakia we've a spa, pool and hopefully steaks

Septembers stay in the lakes was really quite unique

Leslie knee deep in a midden but didn't wet her feet

Alison, our nurse, was once again on call

Missing the raffle to tend to a fellow hiker in the grand hall

Leslie's ginger scones and Junette's Lemon drizzle cake are just brill

And make up for the long wet walks out upon the hill

Now it's not just walking in our group, there are other events too

Trips to the Viaduct and Hebden Bridge Theatres are among the things we do

And Karen's book club has become ever popular here

They take turns to host it and provide cake and beer

I wasn't going to mention ‘pensioners’- Andrew's pet hate

But as our group is full of them a mention I must make

Good on Linda, still grafting at her grand old age

However VR and Retirement will soon take centre stage

Our long distance walkers make quite a good team

Start at the back is their favourite theme

Taking Milo along to ensure they don't slack

Pork pies at check points and cake keep them on track

Now this year has seen major achievements a plenty

With Dave and Michele completing the GR20

Surviving together through storms, tents and hail

Striding confidently up each mountain trail

But to finish the trek many miles had been toiled

The last few days in Nice in the sun could not be spoiled

And the fabulous five the Cumbria Way did complete

With huge backpacks, sticks and aching feet

Now when I say complete, two fell by the way

They made it to Caldbeck in a vicarage to stay

One person, who shall not be named, in the porch left her boots

And to be honest when asked she didn't give a hoot

Now there are lots more stories I could mention

Not least the group's gin addiction!

However the time has come to hear

Who is the Hubberton Hiker of the year?